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The Highlands Course at Hampton Cove


The Highlands Slope & Course Ratings:
Purple 76.2/143; Orange 73.4/138; White 70.9/130; Gold 67.8/126; Teal 65.0/120; Ladies White 76.9/136; Ladies Gold 73.7/129; Ladies Teal 70.2/120

The Highlands Course at Hampton Cove is one of the best public golf courses in Huntsville. It's beautiful and challenging with many features that make it unique. The scenery includes tall trees, lakes, and white sand bunkers. Try to admire these features from the short grass, otherwise the course's beauty may be overshadowed by its challenges. The lakes, however, can be enjoyed while riding across the bridges between some of the holes on the back nine - a much more enjoyable experience than attempting to retrieve a ball while standing on their banks.

One of our favorite holes is #12, a 347 yard par 4 with water in play. The fairway bends along the water in the shape of a fade, so if you're prone to slice, be careful with your line off the tee. A good tee shot should leave you with a short approach into the green. Perhaps the most iconic hole on the Highlands course is the  378 yard, par 4 fifth hole. That's because of the old mule barn that watches your play from tee to green. But before you get near the barn, you'll have to contend with the creek that runs across the fairway. Lay up for a conservative approach or ry to carry the creek for a higher risk, higher reward play. But know that left isn't good and neither is the barn nestled on the right. 

Our Biggest Tip:
Keep it in play. Yes, it's that simple. There are plenty of sand traps, water hazards, and trees waiting to punish your scorecard. Accuracy off the tee is paramount.


The River Course at Hampton Cove


The River Slope & Course Ratings:
Purple 77.5/140; Orange 73.1/136; White 70.2/130; Gold 67.9/119; Teal 66.2/110; Ladies White 76.1/140; Ladies Gold 73.4/129; Ladies Teal 70.8/126

What's in a name? Before we answer that, let's share some good news. The aptly named River Course at Hampton Cove has no bunkers. Zero. Not one. You should be able to avoid the sand on each and every hole. But, there's plenty of water. Situated near North Alabama's Flint River, the River Course has water on 16 of its 18 holes.

Our Biggest Tip:
If you're new to the river course, grab a yardage book from the clubhouse or use a GPS with a fly over view and make yourself aware of where the water is. Your chances of keeping your ball dry are improved if you know where the water is lurking. Keep in mind, it's the water 200 yards down the fairway that you can't easily see from the tee box that you need to make note of and avoid.